This week showers turn from rain & sleet to snow

Issued: 11th January 2016 08:07

This week showers turn from rain & sleet to snow

We’re going to see blustery start to the working week with showers whirling around a low pressure which crawl way from the UK eastwards. In between the showers there will be longer spells of drier and brighter weather.
The properly cold air looks a bit delayed for this week, not really taking hold until Weds into Wednesday night, then a real chill into the weekend. Brrrrr!


Several areas across the UK keep a LOW risk of flooding, with high river levels, saturated ground and still standing water in places. Wet weather this morning results in a LOW flood risk from surface water flooding across parts of south-east England from Dorset eastwards. In Welney, Norfolk there is a LOW river flood risk on Sunday and Monday as a result of high river levels. Impacts include flooding of land and roads as well as localised disruption to travel. Environment Agency. 

Low pressure right over the UK will keep a swirling mix of showers, cloud and sunny spells. Winds inland are light, still breezy around some coasts. We have one large area of wet weather over East Anglia, Southeast England and the East Midlands to start the day. These heavy showers will twist away from SE England by lunchtime. However, some will linger over East Anglia and it looks like Lincolnshire up through eastern Yorkshire. In heavier bursts and certainly over the North York moors, there will be snow. This eastern wet weather should clear away into the North Sea later in the day.

Elsewhere, other lines and clusters of showers are moving in from the west. Over N.Ireland, Wales and SW England, more for NW England, N&W Scotland. Other parts will not be immune to a shower but look like missing most of them so seeing some brighter skies. It will feel cool today. N.Ireland 6 or 7C, Wales 6 to 8C, Scotland 4 to 6C and England 5 north  9 south. The western Isles will pick up a strong Northerly for a time this morning, that will feel cold. There will be snow for the NW Highlands and western Grampians, also for Snowdonia, a bit over the moors of NW England. Otherwise, the showers will mostly be of rain with some sleet mixed in.

Gradually the feed of showers over Scotland will shift to come in from the North Sea so into Aberdeenshire and Angus. Unwelcome rain but no major concerns. The NW winds for western Britain and N.Ireland keep other wintry/rain showers feeding in too. Northern Ireland and the Irish Sea are in for a windy night as a fresh to strong W or NW wind picks up, gusting over 50mph for the coasts..

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Tuesday will start off feeling cool in the brisk winds at around 2 to 4C. Wales and SW England will have a very windy morning with gales and these strong winds will spread along the English Channel during the day, with perhaps the east coast also getting hit later in the day. Temperatures range from 4 to 8C. Showers will have been whirling about all day, with N.Ireland, Wales, NW England, Cornwall, N&W Scotland all being most prone. Other clusters will move down the east coast of Britain. The showers will be of rain and sleet mostly, hail and thunder possible with the heavier ones. Wales could become even more windy later in the day with gusts over 60mph in the NW flow, this may impact the Severn bridges. Westerly gales also along the English Channel coasts during the evening. 

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As the low finally pulls away, lines of showers will move across the UK by night. So more chance of snow falling in the colder air as temperatures fall to freezing for Ireland, N.Ireland and N.Britain

There could be some fine winter sunshine for a time midweek, although it won’t last. By Wednesday, the bands of showers from the west now, will be more wintry and fall as snow over northern hills. N.Ireland may see snow to lower levels just for a time, also northern England. The northern half of the UK will only reach 1 to 3C and further south up to 7 or 8C with lighter winds. For the rest of the week, once darkness falls it will feel much colder. Widespread frosts and ice and a noticeable change from the 'nippy but not bad' nights of the past week.

For Thursday, there will be NW winds, getting stronger through the day to only add to the cold. It will feel bitter at times. There will be snow showers but these look scattered, so many areas will miss and keep bright skies. However, it will be cold enough for snow at low levels even reaching southern Britain where the showers do arrive. So this isn’t thick covering of snow for all of southern England, it’s just bands of showers heading in on a NW flow. A heavy shower could give 5 -10 cms over the hills, a dusting or 1-2cms at low levels

The winds ease down overnight and it becomes cold everywhere, many inland parts just below freezing and well below in the Highlands.

Snow showers do continue into Friday but there will be many places that miss them and see more dry weather. It seems that at some point milder air will edge in from the SW. When this will be has low confidence at this time, but Cornwall and Devon will see a return to temperatures in double figures whilst the cold NW winds keep NE Britain chilly for a while.

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