December starts with rain and snow then a windy night

Issued: 1st December 2015 07:51
Updated: 1st December 2015 09:06

December starts with rain and snow then a windy night

Southern Britain is going to have some fair weather today with temperatures sticking at 13C (where they are now) and gradually seeing a bit of sunshine. It will be breezy but those SW winds are bringing in the mild air. However, for much of the UK it is a miserable start this morning. Temperatures are around freezing for Scotland and just above for NE England this morning. A band of rain, a warm front, is extending wet weather from N.Ireland N.Wales, the Midlands into Norfolk, across N.England and reaching into S&W Scotland. As it comes up against the cold air over N.Britain it is turning to sleet and snow with miserable conditions on the roads with the rain and slush. There is also ice about where the clear skies in the north let temperatures fall overnight. This weather front will continue moving northwards with more snow for the high ground of inland Scotland and rain mixed with sleet at lower levels.

Keep track of the latest rain, sleet and snow on the live radar.

Through the morning the main rain band becomes confined to Scotland and the far north of England. N.Ireland, Wales and SW England keep some damp weather but the rest of England will enjoy the mild air in the warm sector and see brighter skies with glimpses of sunshine into the afternoon

As the milder air creeps into S&W Scotland, there will be heavy rain for the west coast and the SW winds will begin to strengthen. The Central Belt will reach a mild 11C late afternoon, Belfast up to 12C by mid morning, Cardiff and Manchester 13C but Aberdeen only 6C. Fresh SW winds will blow across the UK with strong winds around the Irish Sea and coasts of N.Ireland and W.Scotland. By this evening there will be SSW gales for NW Scotland and gusts over 60mph.

Windy overnight in the north and especially northwest
Through the night the northern half of the UK stays windy with gusts of 50 to 60mph, with the Western Isles keeping the gales, even severe gales for a time in the small hours. It will be a mild night everywhere, 7 to 11C but the cold air is set to topple back in from the NW during Wednesday.

The windy weather for Tuesday night and the start of Wednesday is due to an area of low pressure near Iceland, the warm front from today links to this and by Wednesday it’s cold front will be heading our way.

Low pressure near to Iceland
This will bring another band of rain in, starting over N.Ireland and Scotland in the early morning, very wet for Cumbria mid morning and then setting in for Wales. There has already been a lot of wet weather for W.Britain this week and it looks like NW England and Wales could see plenty more rainfall during Wednesday and Thursday. The Environment Agency already has low level warnings in place. Elsewhere, it’s fair, mild and blustery for much of England, cooler and breezy for N.Ireland and Scotland but with some sunshine.

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Thursday sees the line of rain over Wales and northern England, with cool air to the north and milder air still over southern Britain. The frontal band moves south-eastwards with pulses of heavy rain waving over southern counties of England during Thursday night. Most of the UK becomes colder with a touch of frost with lighter winds and clearing skies, away from the windy north.

Friday looks okay by day but we are watching developments in the northern Atlantic ready for Friday evening/night and Saturday. A deep area of low pressure looks like it will bring very windy weather to all and stormy conditions in the north.  And even for Sunday, there could be another low affecting southern Britain. Keep an eye on the forecast if you have travel plans for next weekend.

Environment Agency England and Wales 3 day flood forecast

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