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Issued: 10th November 2015 12:07

November warmth. Another record goes. NCM

This week we had a top temperature on Monday of 17.3C in Co. Down. Already by 11am on Tuesday 20th November many parts of the UK are reaching 17C after an exceptionally mild night, Co. Down, Cheshire, much of NE and eastern England into East Anglia.

Brisk southwesterly winds are pulling up this mild air and to the lee of the mountains, after drying out and warming further we are seeing these high values. Foehn Effect

Warmest November Night

The UK Met office have recorded a new daily minium high value of 16.1C for the timeframe 21-09z Murlough in Co. Down which saw the 17.3C on Monday only dipped away to 16.1C overnight. The previous November record was 15.9C, so a rather sultry night. The Met Office take in official data twice a day at 09Z and 21Z, which is why we often have to wait for the NCMs (National Climatological Message). It records min and max temps, rainfall, sunshine and if there was thunder/gale/snow/hail

It has been mild everywhere but the wind and and rain and general dampness have meant it hasn't been feeling that great. With gusts of wind inland for S.Yorkshire of 70mph and nearly 4" of rain for NW Wales to start the week, these are autumn days with strange background warmth.

Wamest November Day

Remember just before the foggy week at the start of November. That lovely sunny warm day, we saw another record go, Traswgoed in W.Wales reached 22.4C, the highest November temperature in recent years on 1st November 2015. Temperatures should have been closer to 12C. It will be colder by Friday everywhere but it's hardly 'Snow-vember' is it, tabloids.

Remove Ads?

I spoke to a local council gritter who told me that the start of the gritting season has been delayed by a week now, with 2 extra weeks added onto the end in earlySpring. November does seem to be having enough mild spells that changes are taking place. More discussion on Climate Change see many threads here


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