Spooky Saturday - Halloween weather

Issued: 27th October 2015 13:56

Spooky Saturday - Halloween weather

Tuesday 27th Oct 2015

Last year's Halloween weather was ideal, very mild and dry (was that just for me?) so for children going out in a thin zombie/witch/skeleton outfit didn't get a chill. For those out trick or treating or Guising this weekend, the weather could be key. Strong winds will blow away a witches hat, and make cloaks flutter. Heavy rain will play havoc with already scary makeup and could cause homemade accessories to wilt and flop. Too cold and no-one wants to be outside for too long, unless you have a cosy pumpkin outfit on or are dressed as a Wookie.

This coming Saturday follows a rather unsettled week with weather coming in mainly from Atlantic. So a pattern of changeable weather with spells of rain, often blustery, drier periods and not too cold (but still end of October).


Looking at the latest chart, what is lurking - yes a LOW. This is Friday's chart and the low of interest is away to the SW of the UK. Low's usually travel north and east when near the UK, so Satuday's forecast won't be completely dry. 

However, there is some good news. It does look mild for Saturday. This low should draw up southerly air which could mean temperatures will still be in double figures in the evening, around 12 to 14C.

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That's not quite the crisp, foggy spooky chilly night you may have imagined but it means you don't have to hide the Halloween costumes under a winter coat.

It looks like being a day when there is a band of rain through the UK (too far off to say where) and either side of the band it will be dry. Through the day, the band of rain will become patchy and fade and so many parts look to be dry by the evening, even after a damp start to Saturday. So not bad, if the low does move northwards nearer Iceland not the UK.

It shouldn't be that windy by the evening, if this rain band does clear. not completely still but a light southerly. I read a random update on Twitter that Halloween coincides with a full moon this eyar, it doesn't. Full Moon is tonight, so still plenty of light on Saturday once the clouds break.

Next update Thurs 29th

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