Issued: 10th September 2015 07:56
Updated: 10th September 2015 07:57

A fine September day, rain lurking out west for weekend

This week’s high pressure is now heading for Norway but will still bring a lot of fine and settled weather to the UK today and for Britain tomorrow. Changes are afoot from the west thanks to weather fronts pushing up against the high and the low pressure taking over for the weekend.

Fine & dry for many today, while trouble lurks to the west

Inland parts of Britain start off a bit nippy but with lovely sunshine for some and lingering cloud for others.SE Scotland, where I am, has had 2 gloomy cool days but I’m happy to see sunshine outside my window to start the day. N.Ireland will see more high cloud today from the fronts out in the Atlantic and there is a little bit of mist about. There will be more widespread sunshine today although with a brisk E or SE wind. Generally it’s another fine, dry and sunny day with even eastern parts being brighter.

More sunshine means temperatures area little warmer for some today

With more sunshine, temperatures will be a bit higher today. Wales will be 18 to 21C. England 17-22C, maybe the odd 23C in the south. The east coast of Britain remains cooler with the breeze off the North Sea, so around 15C. Scotland will see 18-20C inland, cooler over parts of Grampian with a bit more cloud. Belfast should reach 18C but SE coastal parts of N.Ireland will feel cool in the breeze. Across N.Ireland 16 to 19C. A fine September day.

Overnight will be clear and cool but still with a breeze. Some cloud will flow over E.Scotland and NE England again but not as much as earlier in the week. Everywhere should start off dry on Friday although with a fresh SE Wind for N.Ireland and through the N.Channel. Britain will have another fine, warm and sunny day. Mainly high teens up to 21C but a bit cooler for the hills of Scotland with stronger winds.

The rain finally arrives over Ireland & N Ireland later on Friday

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Friday is the day when the weather fronts bring rain to N.Ireland, and showery bits could reach W.Britain in the afternoon. Ahead of the rain Co. Down and Co.Antrim will see 17C but down to 13C in the rain from the west. As Friday ends on a wet note for N.Ireland some of that rain will have reached the far west of Wales and Cornwall

A weekend of sunshine & showers as bands of rain pass through


Through the weekend the weather will be more unsettled. Bands of rain will drive northeast across the UK, mixed with drier brighter spells. One low pressure moves over Scotland on Saturday, with a quieter lull for the UK Saturday night. Then another deeper area of low pressure heads in from the SW for Sunday. Much of Britain will have a fine morning with the good weather lasting into the afternoon. However, for SW Britain it will be very windy with strong SE winds and blustery again for N.Ireland.

The blustery, showery low circles around the UK for the start of the new week, not especially warm but there will be plenty of sunshine in-between the rain showers.

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