Colder With Sunshine & Showers Over Next Few Days

Issued: 26th April 2015 10:22

Colder With Sunshine & Showers Over Next Few Days

It's turned colder across the north over the last few days, but in the south we will all see a noticeable change over the next days, as colder conditions push down across the UK and Ireland today. It looks to stay cold and breezy with sunshine and showers through much of this coming week.

A mixed picture this morning, grey, damp and cloudy London Marathon

Radar Satellite

For now, it's a mixed picture for Sunday morning. A veil of cloud covers SE Wales, southern England and East Anglia, with outbreaks of rain or drizzle in places. Further north we are into blue skies across much Ireland, Northern Ireland, north Midlands and northern England after a frosty start in places. Scotland seeing sunny spells and some wintry showers across the north and west. Through the rest of the day, we will continue to see rain on and off through the morning across southern parts, but the cloud and rain should ease away south through the afternoon to brighter and drier conditions from the north. So hopefully it will turn drier for the London Marathon. For the rest of the UK, not much change, central areas staying largely dry and sunny, sunshine and showers for Scotland, Northern Ireland and NE England, some of which will be on the heavy side with hail and the odd rumble of thunder with snow over the mountains. On the cool or cold side everywhere in a chilly northerly breeze, temperatures reaching 13C in London and Cardiff, 11C in Manchester, 10C in Belfast and 8C in Edinburgh.

A cold Sunday night, with largely clear skies leading to a frost in places, particularly in the north. Showers will continue to affect Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of northern England - heavy in places and falling as sleet or snow over higher ground.

Overnight frosts with surface temperatures below zero

Frost tonight

Then Monday will see a mixture of sunny spells and showers for many, the showers heaviest and most frequent in the north and west and still falling as sleet or snow over higher ground in the north. A chilly day in the northwesterly breeze, perhaps reaching 15C in London, otherwise we are looking at temperatures reaching 10-12C across England and Wales, 7-9C across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Wintry showers over northern high ground

Wintry showers monday

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The rest of the week looks to continue in a similar vein, cool and unsettled with sunshine and showers for most by day - temperatures reaching low double figures at best. Cold at night with a risk of frost in places. A question mark over Wednesday, with some models (ECMWF and UKMO) indicating an area of more persistent rain and stronger winds spreading east, but other models (GFS) just showing showers. Perhaps turning drier and more settled on Friday, as a ridge of high pressure builds in. Most models agree on it turning unsettled again and less cold across the south next weekend though, with winds turning southwesterly and fronts moving northeast bringing spells of rain. High pressure holding on across the north, keeping it drier here.

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