Temperatures are rising but often windy

Issued: 5th March 2015 08:16
Updated: 5th March 2015 08:21

Temperatures are rising but often windy

Milder air has toppled over N.Ireland and Scotland overnight with temperatures already at 6 or 7C. Further south for England and Wales, it has been another chilly night with clearer skies and light winds. Temperatures here are around freezing with some spots down to -3C, with a frost.

Over the next few days the high pressure near to southern Britain fades as the UK stays windy. Milder air flows up from the SW as weather fronts waver over northern UK. These will bring more cloud, outbreaks of rain and rather wet weather to W.Scotland. Further south it stays dry and bright, potentially up until Sunday or even Monday.

UK Conditions For Lunchtime Today

UK Conditions

Today, much of England will continue to have dry and fine weather with sunshine. NW England into the W.Midlands will see more cloud and even feel a bit damp at times near to the Irish Sea. The winds start off as a light westerly for much of central and southern England but the fresh W/SW winds over northern England spread through the Midlands. Temperatures will be between 9 to 12C but closer to 7C for grey parts of the northwest and chilly in the wind.

Heavy & Persistent Rain Arrives For North Western UK

Accumulated Rain

Wales will have a fair day with bright spells and a freshening SW wind. Eastern parts and South Wales should see sunny spells but Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey will all be rather grey and at times a little damp. Eastern Powys and Monmouthshire could reach 9 or 10C but many parts stay at 7 or 8C. For N.Ireland it will be a blustery day with a fair amount of cloud. There will be some brighter spells and many parts do stay dry. Temperatures will rise to a mild 10C but the wind will take away from that. Through the afternoon the clouds will thicken and the north coast could see some patchy light rain. Scotland has a blustery start this morning with SW gales along the west coast up to the N.Isles. The Western Isles will see gusts over 60mph with very rough seas through the Minch. until lunchtime. Scotland will stay blustery all day but in the shelter of the Grampians, Aberdeenshire could see temperatures rise up to 11C today with some sunny breaks in the cloud. Southern Scotland will have a fair day with brighter skies in the SE (9C) but a cold front will bring rain in from the NW, across Highland and Argyll this afternoon (6C)

Overnight there will be more cloud about although eastern England could see clear skies for a time. The cold front will bring more and more rain to W.Scotland well into Saturday, so there are flooding concerns. Keep an eye on the SEPA flood page.

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Tonight & Tomorrow

For Friday, there will be fine weather over England and Wales and N.Ireland with temperatures of 11 or 12C. More cloud for northern Britain with Scotland up to 7 or 8C on a windy day.

A Windy End To The Working Week

Gust Forecast Friday Afternoon

The Weekend

Saturday is similar. Windy everywhere with heavy rain for W.Scotland, extending into SW Scotland. Most places dry with bright or sunny spells but always more cloud for N.Ireland. Temperatures will be up again, 11 or 12 for N.Ireland and NE Scotland but you have to add on strong winds.  Central and eastern England will see 13 or 14C, so mild air but worth being out of the wind. Through Saturday night the band of rain finally shifts and moves southwards, over N.Ireland then northern England and Wales. Scotland brightens up as will N.Ireland as the wind turns more Westerly. Eastern Scotland and Belfast could still reach 10C but the NW will feel cold at 5C. For England and Wales under the cloud and rain, temperatures will be at 8 to 10C, however SE Britain could hold onto the mild air and sunshine and reach 15C.

You can catch up with Jo's video update from yesterday here :


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