Winter Returns in North

Issued: 11th March 2011 10:42

Winter Returns in North

Winter has returned across parts of northern UK, with Scotland bearing the brunt, with cold and strong westerly winds blowing frequent snow showers across parts of northern and central Scotland this morning. Rain moving NE across Northern Ireland this morning will spread across the Irish Sea across northern England and north Wales early this afternoon eventually spreading northeast across Scotland, turning to snow as it meets the colder air. On the plus side, it is less windy than yesterday in the north and it is a quieter picture across much of eastern, central and southern England, with a mainly dry day in store with sunny spells, though there will be increasing amounts of cloud through the afternoon, thick enough for some drizzle across SW England and south Wales. This evening and overnight, the rain will set in across Northern Ireland and northern England and will creep in across southern Scotland, turning readily to snow over the higher parts of Northern Ireland, Cumbria and southern Scotland, with the potential for some travel disruption here overnight. To the north across the rest of Scotland it will be a cold night with frost and ice forming where skies clear, some snow showers continuing across the NW. Further south across much of England and Wales, it will be milder and mainly dry but cloudy. Expect some heavy snow in places across Scotland this weekend with potential for disruption to travel and sporting events, in particular across central and southern Scotland during Saturday with temperatures close to freezing, this snow then working its way further north across Scotland on Sunday, with further big falls likely over the Highlands and Grampian regions. South of the border, it will be milder, generally dry if cloudy for central, southern and eastern England on Saturday damp at times across Wales and SW England. Cloudy with more in the way of light rain or drizzle around on Sunday for England and Wales. A look into early next week, sleet and snow should ease across Scotland though still on the cold side, otherwise a generally dry and milder day across England and Wales, some rain may plague southern and southwestern areas. Towards mid-week, the UK looks to be in a col or no-mans land between high pressure to the NE and SW and low pressure to the NW and over France/Spain, so it will be quiet but cloudy on Tuesday with dampness in the west, but hopefully it will become drier and brighter everywhere by Thursday, though some fog may develop and chilly at night.

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