Winter To Return?

Issued: 6th March 2011 19:53

Winter To Return?

After a week of not too much changing weather wise, the upcoming week will see the pattern change, with less settled and colder conditions moving into northern areas by midweek. It's later in the week that there are some real question marks - the unsettled weather is likely to push some rain further south but beyond that as we move toward and through the weekend there is a risk of some much colder air flooding south which in turn could mean some significant snowfall where the milder, wetter Atlantic air tries to push in and meets it. At closer range, it'll be a chilly start to Monday with a widespread frost across the country. During the day the first signs of change will be pushing southeast into Northwest Scotland though, in the form of some rain. Elsewhere though it's another dry day with varying amounts of cloud and temperatures peaking at 6-9°c. The frost returns across England and Wales overnight, but with the extra cloud and rain pushing slowly southeast in Scotland it's likely to stay above freezing here. Tuesday will see that rain edging south in central Scotland, it's another dry and often bright day in other parts of the UK though. By Wednesday the front will have moved into Northern England but will have weakened considerably by this point, to the north of it some colder air will have tucked in with some wintry showers blowing in across many parts of Scotland. After midweek the North of the country keeps the unsettled weather going and this will try to spread south in the form of showers, beyond this we have the battle of cold to the north vs mild to the south - the next few days will give us more information on the likely winner...

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