Mild and showery today, quiet start tomorrow

18th February 2014 08:30

Mild and showery today, quiet start tomorrow

This week there will be more rain and  blustery days but the weather won’t be as wet or as windy as we’ve seen over recent weeks and there will be longer lulls in between.

It is a damp and murky start this morning with fog for northern Britain and Ireland as old fronts bring patchy rain and cloud. For the southern half of Britain, there are some hefty showers feeding in from the SW, with bits of brightness. There are clusters of these heavy downpours heading from Dorset towards the Wash and from southern Wales towards the W.Midlands. These showers could also bring hail and thunder today. The areas of heavy showers transfer eastwards, bringing the chance of heavy showers for East Anglia, Southeast and E.Midlands this afternoon. Although not completely dry there will be brighter skies for the SW, Wales and NE England. Generally, it will be a mild day with temperatures up to 9 or 10C and only light winds, although N.Scotland stays cold at 4C in a fresh North-easterly.

N.Ireland will lose the showers by this evening and gradually most of Britain. There is still the threat of one or two isolated downpours, for areas like the SE coasts and Wales. Only a few light showers overnight for Scotland with light accumulations over the mountains.

Otherwise Wednesday starts dry and fine, chilly for central and eastern Britain with temperatures around freezing. There could be fog in places, especially the east. There will be some bright spells and only light westerly winds through the morning. During the second half of Wednesday, a warm front approaches Ireland bringing a moderate to fresh Southerly wind, more cloud and outbreaks of rain to N.Ireland to end the afternoon. In the afternoon brightness for South-eastern Britain temperatures will reach a mild 10 Celsius. It will stay cold across Scotland at 4C and up to about 7C of the rest of the UK. It will turn wet over Cornwall in the evening and through the night showery rain transfers over Wales and central/southern England with heavier rain for N.Ireland, Scotland and NW England. Much milder air moves into the SW. It also turns windy through the night, nothing severe but a fresh to strong Southerly wind
To start Thursday, the overnight heavy rain will be over northern Scotland with a SE gale. For a time there will be SW gales for southwestern Britain around the coasts on a dull, damp and blustery day. The winds pickup to a gale in the Irish Sea during the afternoon as heavy rain sets in for N.Ireland and the SW winds could touch severe gale for NW England during Thursday evening, something to watch. The heavy rain moves into SW Scotland, Cumbria and then over central and western Scotland at night, wintry over the hills with snow for the Highlands. To end the day colder air will be flowing in from the NW so it will turn cold with temperatures falling to freezing.
During Friday, heavy rain will move over the Northern Isles leaving the UK in a brisk Westerly flow with wintry showers for western hills, and showers and bright spells elsewhere.

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