Bright with showers today, wintry tomorrow

10th February 2014 09:49

Bright with showers today, wintry tomorrow

Now that the cobwebs are well and truly blown out of the way by the weekend’s windy weather, what next?

To start Monday we have frontal rain and cloud over the southeast of England. This peps up during the day as it swings over London away through Suffolk and Norfolk, clearing after dark. Over Wales is a curl of showers (see radar), bringing some hefty downpours, which stay over northern Wales this morning, bringing some snow too. This cluster then loses its identity and just brings patchy rain to central/southern England this afternoon. Before that there’s been a chilly start with frost and ice, but also some sunny spells surviving this morning. Much of northern and central England and northern Scotland have clear blue skies and brightness, which is a cheery change.  Eastern Scotland is starting off with some patchy rain and cloud along the North Sea coast but the main line of wet weather for today is out west over Ireland.
The line of rain from an occluding front is about to bring heavy showers into Co. Tyrone and Co. Fermanagh. There are also showers being thrown over western Scotland and more will soon arrive for the tip of Cornwall. From midday this line of heavy showers moves eastwards across N.Ireland, bringing some a spell of wet weather to Belfast (6C) in the afternoon, but this line then clears and things settle down as a brief ridge of high pressure builds. The heavy showers get going more over W.Scotland later in the afternoon, with some wet weather for evening rush hour for Glasgow (5C). Although Cornwall and western wales will see cloud increasing the rain will be light and patchy as it arrives later today from this old front. Wales 7C, southern England 8C, northern England 7C with light winds this morning. Freshening westerly this afternoon for N.Ireland, the West Country and coastal Scotland. So there will be rain about today but some areas will have long spells of fine, bright weather.

Tonight N.Ireland’s temperatures will dip to freezing before midnight but recover as cloud increases around midnight. Britain has clearer skies, light winds and temperatures falling widely to zero. After the showers of today, ice will be a problem overnight.

The cloud increasing over N.Ireland is from the next front which will bring rain and sleet over N.Ireland for Monday night, with a bit of snow over the hills. As it clears N.Ireland will be icy. A strong to gale force southerly will accompany this band of wet weather, so lively through the North Channel. This band is then going to march across Britain during Tuesday. It will bring heavy rain, sleet, wet snow (and proper snow above 200m). North Wales, northern Pennines, hills of Scotland could all see settling snow, and for northern Britain even lower levels could see flurries. The band is moving fast so southern England does become dry and bright, although any rain is unwelcome with all the Severe flood warnings still in place 16 at 9am. The rain should clear E.Anglia and Kent by mid afternoon. This leaves the UK in a brisk Westerly flow with wintry showers. These showers will mostly be for N.Ireland, Scotland, Wales and NW Britain but other areas could see sleety bursts. It will feel cold! Much of the UK struggle at 3 or 4C (add on the wind too), only southern Britain keeping 7C.

After that another low begins to head in from the Atlantic for mid week. Nick Finnis has the outlook details;storyid=5671;sess=  

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