Is it going to snow properly this month?
Blog by Jo Farrow
24th January 2014 12:34

Is it going to snow properly this month?

Snowmen, sledging, snowballs, that quiet hush, lamppost watching (you know who you are!), days off school, snow boots, crunchy footprints, whirling snowflakes. Ah, this winter has been lacking. However, this week is following a colder theme. We are now into rain with sleet and snow mixed in, more wintry showers, the Scottish mountains are covered. There was snow whirling about last night for parts of England, at low levels, just briefly.

After months of mild wet weather there seems a chill in the air which might bring some snow. Is it like the England cricketers, the beginning of a change? (they just won, keep up). This weekend’s effort look short lived and with snow mainly higher up. Next week shows more signs for eastern Britain seeing some snow, at the moment. The cricket analogy shows my personal confidence, a hint but not I’m bothering to get the sledge down yet, and I’m SE Scotland! But I'm a tinsey bit excited.

So next week should bring the coldest spell of the winter so far. I am writing this for the people who have been asking
Is it going to.. , when is it going to.., are we ever going to get any.. SNOW?
There will be heavy rain, risk of flooding and gales to contend with, to go with this cold snap, but that aside for now.

Monday 27th – Start of the week, wintry showers, sleet, slushy snow deposits in western parts of Britain and N.Ireland, especially western Pennines, Wales and Scotland even Exmoor.  Once the easterly kicks in, lots of variation, MO model showing Monday, GM showing midweek. Snow to low levels for Grampian, NE Scotland seems most likely accompanied by a strong E’ly winds, so blizzard conditions possible on the A90 and A96, I miss those snow poles. Then northern and eastern Scotland, NE England could see some snow to start next week, but the forecast picture is weak and wavering, rather borderline. Beyond that, as the low pressure pulls south, it could introduce a brief easterly for E.Anglia and the SE, could a snow shower nip up the Thames estuary and get London Thursday/Friday? That is a LONG way off.

Of course the flip side is: chaos on the roads, slipping over, icy snowball down your neck, its cold, can’t get out, slush, driving behind a gritter etc., not everyone is a fan of snow.

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