Cold as Ice, rain on the way

14th January 2014 10:03

Cold as Ice, rain on the way

It’s been a colder night for all of the UK, N.Ireland and NW Highlands down to -5C, Wales and N.England -3C. There have been some recent showers for eastern Britain, so do watch out for ice this morning.

So a cold start but a sunny one for most, with only light winds. Kent and E.Anglia do have some cloud and rain clearing away into the North Sea, that won’t take long and then a brighter morning. Also the showers over NE England and E.Scotland will move north over Grampian and the N.Isles. For the rest of Scotland there will be bright spells with temperatures of 5C. England will enjoy a fine sunny and dry day, quite unheard of, rain will arrive in Cornwall mid-afternoon. Temperatures 5 to 7C. Wales sees the skies becoming cloudy by lunchtime with a moderate SW breeze. Light rain will arrive for the west coast mid-afternoon, turning heavier and spreading inland by evening 6C. After N.Ireland’s early bright start the cloud increases this morning, the Southerly winds freshen as rain arrives from lunchtime in Co. Fermanagh. The rain turns heavy in the south through the afternoon and spreads to the north coast by mid-afternoon. There will be a few hours of heavier rain before the rain clears N.Ireland in the evening. Southerly winds freshen through the Irish Sea as the band of rain moves over SW Scotland, Wales, SW England, NW England then becoming patchier nearer to midnight as it moves over the rest of England and Scotland. Milder air will follow across the southern half of the UK. By then another band of rain (the waving cold front) will be over N.Ireland and Wales with some heavy downpours. This band moves over England and S.Scotland, on a cloudy, breezy and wet night.
For Wednesday, Scotland and the far north of England will have another chilly start, just above freezing. Elsewhere will be milder, damp and cloudy, with temperatures of 11C. The cold front only really begins to progress eastwards by Wednesday evening and this is when there will be some heavier rain for SW England, Wales and W.Scotland. There could be some particularly heavy rain over southern Wales and Powys into W.Midlands before midnight. AS the front clears, temperatures fall away once more with the clearing skies.

For the start of Thursday Kent could have wet weather hanging about from overnight and the SE will be mild enough at 7C. Elsewhere a damp feeling chilly start but bright. Southern Britain will be blustery, mild, bright but with lots of showers in the west and along the Channel. N.Ireland and northern Britain will be cooler, breezy in a SE’ly and mostly dry with some brightness.

By Friday, southern England will still be blustery in a SW’ly with a few scattered showers. Otherwise a fine day with a few showers, bright spells and temperatures from 5 to 8C.

For the weekend, lighter winds, quite cool and the threat of more rain in the south. Further updates this week.

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