Bright & Breezy Today. Drier Weekend. Turning Colder Next Week

9th January 2014 08:25

Bright & Breezy Today. Drier Weekend. Turning Colder Next Week

An area of low pressure, which brought rain northeast across England and Wales yesterday evening and overnight, is clearing out into the North Sea this morning. Some places saw another 15-20mm in the last 24 hours. We still have a legacy of showery rain falling across eastern areas of England this morning and the tight isobars beneath this low just off the east coast are bringing some strong southwesterly winds across SE England too, with gusts of 40-50mph likely for a time, before easing through the morning. Further north, it's a colder and drier start to the day, with temperatures close to freezing across parts of Scotland, so watch out for ice on untreated roads. The showery rain will clear eastwards from England during the morning leaving most central, southern and eastern areas of the UK with a mostly dry and bright day. There will be a risk of scattered showers through much of the day across Wales, western England, Northern Ireland and western Scotland, but even here we should see some dry and sunny periods. Turning cooler through the day across southern England, as winds turn westerly or northwesterly, with temperatures reaching 8-9C this afternoon. Wales, northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland seeing temperatures climb to 6 or 7C.

Turning cold overnight, as most places become dry with clear spells. Temperatures will stay a few degrees above freezing in most towns and cities, but in the countryside falling below freezing - with a risk of frost and icy patches on untreated roads. So a cold, bright and crisp start to Friday. But through the morning, cloud and more rain will arrive from the west across western Scotland and Northern Ireland, before eventually spreading across northern England, Wales and SW England during the afternoon. The rain reaching central, southern and eastern England in the evening, by which time the rain will be light and patchy, following a mostly dry and sunny day. Temperatures reaching 7-8C in the north, 9-10C in the south.

Once the patchy rain clears southeast England Saturday morning and showers ease across the far northwest by early afternoon, the weekend is looking much drier then recent days, with sunny spells across most areas. Turning colder too, with a risk of more widespread overnight frosts developing. However, more cloud and rain will arrive across western areas by Sunday evening, spreading east across all areas Sunday night, before clearing east Monday morning.

Quite a lot of uncertainty as we head through next week. You may have heard that it will turn colder from the east, this still looks odds-on-favourite to happen, as high pressure builds to the north and northeast, sending Atlantic lows southeast to the southwest of the UK and dragging in colder air from the east. The coldest air and thus highest risk of wintry weather, at the moment, looks to affect northern areas of Britain initially. But there is chance that the cold and wintry conditions will become more widespread further south too as we head towards next weekend, but less certainty on this.


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