It's cold out there and icy, any more snow?

19th November 2013 07:55

It's cold out there and icy, any more snow?

Temperatures overnight dipped below -5C in northern Britain, there is a widespread frost this morning, you'll need some extra time if you're going to use your frosty car. Also, there will be ice to watch out for on untreated roads and pavements, and it is cold out there!

Looks like quite a week, weather wise. The plunge of cold Arctic air which brought snow showers to some, ice and frost. Then quite a storm over northern Scotland midweek, before everything relaxes, calms down and high pressure builds for the end of the week, bringing a relatively quiet weekend.

There have been snow showers overnight, mostly for NW Scotland, falling through the night over the Highlands. N.Ireland also saw prolonged wintry showers with snow settling over the hills, mostly in the north and this morning across western Counties. As the flow brought more and more showers down the N.Channel and through the Irish Sea, Wales also had snow showers which are still pushing south this morning with some over SW England, bringing a dusting for the Moors.  Trough lines also pushed heavier lines of showers over SW Scotland in Cumbria and across Grampian in the small hours so other areas are waking up to some of the white stuff today.

The showers will continue for a time this morning becoming confined to coastal parts. West Wales, tip of Cornwall, North Channel coasts, Moray Firth, Northumberland down to Norfolk. Pressure is rising subduing this showers but things are also changing away to the NW. So for most, Tuesday will be a sunny, cold day with a frosty start. It will feel cold in the NW wind and temperatures will only reach 3 to 6C all day.  By mid afternoon, the Western Isles, west coast of Scotland and Co. Tyrone and Derry will be feeling the start next episode in this week’s weather, as the wind strengthens and heavy rain runs in over the cold air. This could mean more snow for a time, mainly over the Highlands.

Tuesday night into Wednesday sees this deep area of low pressure moving north of Scotland bringing a storm overnight. Areas at risk will be northern Scotland, the Islands and the West coast through the Northern Channel.  Severe gales are forecast with gusts over 70mph on a wild night with rain and then wintry showers. Cold again with temperatures just below freezing for many inland parts of the UK. More widely, there will be wet and windy weather over the northern half of the UK before midnight and then the band of heavy rain will spill through Wales and the midlands before dawn, over the rest of England on Wednesday morning. Behind this rain and cloud, northern Britain and N.Ireland will brighten up but the northerly flow will bring more cold air and wintry showers, more snow for northern Scotland. Heavy showers will feed south with hail, thunder, sleet mixed in, as the last of the rain band eventually clears Kent in the afternoon. Daytime temperatures back up to 7 to 9C.

Weds. night into Thursday will see a screaming northerly wind for the western half of the UK, and relatively light winds over eastern Britain, where temperatures will fall close to freezing, so again ice and frost risk.

On Thursday there will be a flow off the North Sea, bringing cloud and damp weather, with a wintry mix. So eastern Britain could see some snow showers, especially over the hills – Cheviots, E. Pennines etc. Temperatures again up to 7 to 9C but feeling damp and cold.
Then through Friday high pressure builds in from the NW, bringing more settled, drier and calmer conditions which could last through the weekend.

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