Plenty of sunshine today, rain on the way though

10th November 2013 09:55

Plenty of sunshine today, rain on the way though

A chilly start to Remembrance Sunday, but once any fog clears there will be a good deal of sunshine, with just a risk of a shower in eastern coastal counties. Temperatures will reach 6-9c typically. As you're probably used to by now though, the next spell of rain isn't far away..

The wind and rain will arrive into Ireland during the afternoon today making for a wet end to the day here, by midnight the western half of the UK will be seeing the rain and that'll continue to sweep east overnight. Temperatures in western parts will stay above freezing with the wind and rain arriving, but further east expect a widespread frost initially this evening before temperatures rise later in the night when the rain moves in. 

Into tomorrow, the persistent rain will take some time to clear the southeast of the country but elsewhere it's a day of sunshine and blustery showers - these most frequent and heaviest in the west. Tuesday brings with it a bit of a change as pressure rises from the southwest across the southern half of the country to settle the weather down. Further north it's less settled with showers continuing to affect Northern Ireland, northwest England and Western Scotland. The northern half of Scotland will see some more persistent rain with winds gusting 40-55mph in exposed spots.

Wednesday and Thursday bring more wet and potentially very windy weather to Scotland and Northern Ireland with severe gales possible, showers will also affect other western parts but with that high pressure still holding sway further south any showers are likely to be much fewer and further between. As we close out the week, Friday should in the main be a dry day but more wind and rain closing in from the northwest..

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