Autumn Leaves & Flooding
Blog by Ian Michaelwaite
23rd October 2013 12:32

Autumn Leaves & Flooding

After what has seemed to be a very long wait, Autumnal finally weather has arrived, and with a vengance!

 At this time of year, as the foliage changes colour and leaves start to drop it's easy to come over all poetic and talk only of the russets, browns and golds of our trees and hedgerows, but there is also something else to be aware of.  

As we have experienced some very squally, blustery and strong wind over the last few days, I'm sure you'll have noticed the amount of leaves on the ground, along with various bits of debris, from twigs to more general rubbish blown from bins.  With some very wet  and blustery conditions expected to arrive on Thusday night and through Friday, and a further risk of very strong winds and further heavy rain overnight from Sunday into Monday gutters and drains can quickly become overwhelmed.  This is made worse by the amount of those lovely russets, reds and shades of gold that quickly become a less attractive sodden mass partially blocking gutters, drains and gullies, so before the rain arrives later on Thursday it's advisable to check your gutters and drains and clear anything that may be partially blocking them.  

It's a few minutes of your time, that may just save a bit of heartache later on.  While I'm on the subject, wet roads and fallen leaves are not a good mix, with clogged drains, increased surface water is likely and the leaves make it even more slick, so take care when you're out and about.

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