Anticyclonic Gloom

Issued: 30th December 2010 09:52

Anticyclonic Gloom

On a similar theme to yesterday, much of the UK will be under a blanket of low cloud, mist and extensive fog for much of the day with little if any wind, it will be fairly damp too with drizzle in places. The fog may lift in places, but it will be generally very grey, the best chance of brightness and perhaps some sunshine will be reserved for Cornwall, west Wales, Cumbria, Northern Ireland and eastern parts of Scotland. Temperatures reaching 8-9 °C across southern and western areas, still on the cold side in the NE with 4-5 °C more likely here. Tonight, remaining cloudy and misty with extensive fog and patchy drizzle. Clearer skies across west Wales, Cumbria and eastern Scotland may lead to a frost here by dawn. Another cloudy day in store on New Years Eve (Friday) for much of the UK, with mist and fog patches persisting in places. There does look, however, to be a better chance of some brightness developing in places than the last few days, though rain or drizzle will develop from the NW across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Cumbria later in the day as the wind strengthens from the west. For New Years Day, perhaps a dry and maybe bright start across the southern half of the UK, but a band of rain, sleet and snow across Scotland and far north of England in the morning will spread south, reaching southern England in the evening , followed by colder and clearer conditions from the north with frosts returning in the north. For Sunday, it looks like any rain, sleet and snow across southern areas will clear in the morning to brighter, drier, but colder conditions across much of the UK for the rest of the day, though some sleet and snow showers may affect northern and perhaps eastern coastal areas. Early next week, Monday looks like being dry and chilly for most with sunny spells by day after a frosty night, though rain, sleet and hill snow looks to return across Scotland later on Monday spreading south to reach southern parts by the middle of the week followed by colder weather from the north with wintry showers in the north.

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