Dry But Turning Cooler

Issued: 13th October 2010 09:14

Dry But Turning Cooler

It will be another quiet and generally dry day for most of England and Wales, though it will be largely cloudy in many areas and on the cool side with a northeast breeze. SW England and west Wales will see the best chance of seeing the sun, though bright or sunny spells may develop elsewhere away from the east coast. The cloud maybe thick enough along the North Sea coast, generally north of The Wash, for some light rain or drizzle. Temperatures reaching 14-15 °C with any brightness, 11-12 °C where it remains cloudy. For Scotland, after a chilly start, especially where skies were clear overnight, it will be a dry and bright day with sunny spells inland but cloudier near the coasts. For Northern Ireland, another dry day with sunny spells after any early fog clears. Temperatures in the north reaching 15 °C with any sunny spells. Tonight, clears spells developing inland in places over central and western parts - leading to a chilly night with a touch of ground frost possible. Cloudy towards the north and east with perhaps some drizzle which will keep temperatures up here. For Thursday, another settled and generally dry day though largely cloudy with some patchy light rain or drizzle possible for northern and eastern areas, perhaps some brightness towards the west and southwest of the UK. Feeling even cooler as winds turn northerly with temperatures struggling to reach 11-13 °C generally across the UK, though the far west and Northern Ireland may reach 14-15 °C where we may see brighter skies and lighter winds. For Friday, largely cloudy again with some patchy light rain or drizzle across the north and northwest slowly edging south, temperatures similar to Thursday. The weekend at the moment looks to be on the cool side, bright on Saturday though perhaps some scattered showers towards the east. Sunday perhaps bright and mainly dry in southern areas, cloudier further north with rain in the north and northwest spreading southeast across Scotland and Northern England and largely dying out.

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