Issued: 11th September 2010 12:31

Damp Today, Drier Tomorrow

After a rather wet night across parts of Wales, Sennybridge in Powys has recorded 64mm of rain in the last 24 hours, it's another cloudy and damp start across parts of England and Wales this morning. A fragmenting band of rain, with occasional heavy bursts, will move slowly southeastwards across England today, not clearing the SE until after dark. It will turn brighter with sunny spells from the NW across SW England, Wales, Midlands, northern and parts of eastern England. However, showers are likely to develop across N England and N Wales, some of which will be heavy, though SW England will likely stay dry. Rather warm and muggy still, temperatures reaching 20-22 °C with any sunshine. Across Scotland, a cloudy start this morning with outbreaks of rain clearing east, followed by a mixture of sunny spells but also heavy thundery showers in the afternoon, Northern Ireland seeing slow-moving heavy thundery showers becoming more widespread from the west after a bright or sunny start. Temperatures across Scotland and Northern Ireland reaching 18-19 °C with mainly light winds. Tonight, rain will clear the far SE of England with most southern, central and eastern areas having a dry night, with clearing skies which may lead to some mist and fog patches in places. Occasional showers continuing across northern and western areas. A much better day in prospect for Sunday, with most areas staying dry with sunny spells with temperatures reaching 21 °C in the south. A few isolated showers may develop across the SE corner of England in the afternoon, and later in the day cloud will thicken across Northern Ireland and western Scotland, with outbreaks of rain arriving during the evening with a strengthening southwesterly wind, reaching strong to gale force across the far NW. Into Monday, wet and windy in the north, dry and bright with sunny spells in the south. On Tuesday, rain spreading south across all parts though becoming light across southern England, sunshine and heavy showers developing across northern areas by the afternoon. For the rest of the week, it's looking like low pressure will remain close to the NE of Scotland, so changeable with sunshine and showers which will be most frequent in the north, drier in the south with fewer showers, though perhaps a spell of rain moving east in the far south at some point.

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