Issued: 2nd July 2022 11:40

Slow but steady return to summery weather as high pressure builds

Low pressure is currently dominating Britain's weather, but during this coming week, high pressure will slowly build from the south-west. It currently looks likely that by next Friday, the high pressure will be covering much of western and south-western Britain. This will turn the weather somewhat drier and more settled. It may well remain fairly cloudy to begin with, but at this time of year, there is a good chance that as the high pressure builds, increasing amounts of sunshine will come through.

Weather map for next Friday from the ECMWF showing high pressure over the UK


Today we are still in the unsettled, low pressure dominated pattern. A band of cloud and light rain will head slowly eastwards through England today. It is currently extending from south-west to north-east through the West Country and the Midlands, and it will continue to slowly move eastwards through the day, heading into East Anglia and the south-east by evening. Some places may stay dry, particularly in counties bordering the North Sea. Further north and west, there will be a mix of sunshine and scattered showers, and over much of Scotland, except near the east coast, it will be a predominantly cloudy as well as showery day.

To the east of the rain band over England, it will be warm in East Anglia and the south-east, with top temperatures of 22 to 24C, but it will be cooler elsewhere with highs mostly between 15 and 18C. Parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire may reach around 20C.

Tonight, temperatures will generally fall to between 10 and 12C. It will become mostly dry and clear in central and eastern parts of England, but further north and west there will be some more showers.


Tomorrow will be a day of sunny spells and scattered showers. During the afternoon, most of the showers will be in the east of England, where they may be locally heavy and thundery, although any thundery activity is forecast to be weak and isolated. By evening, the showers will die out, leaving much of the country sunny and dry, although further rain will move into north-west Scotland.

Animation using the UKV showing the showers easing from the southwest on Sunday

Temperatures will be slightly on the cool side for the time of year, typically reaching 20 to 22C in most eastern parts of England, and around 16 to 18C in Northern Ireland, western Scotland and Cumbria.

Rest of the week

Monday looks set to be another day of sunshine and scattered, mainly light, showers, and an area of cloudier weather with some outbreaks of rain will spread eastwards through Scotland during the morning. Many places, particularly in central and southern parts of England and Wales, will miss the showers and will have a dry day.

High pressure will then build from the south-west, particularly extending across the south, but through Tuesday and Wednesday we will see a moist west to north-westerly flow on the northern flank of the high pressure, bringing generally cloudy weather. There will be some light rain or drizzle at times, chiefly in western and northern areas. Temperatures are expected to rise a little despite the generally cloudy weather, and may reach 22 to 24C quite widely in southern parts of Britain.

By Thursday and Friday, the high pressure will build more extensively and this means an increasing chance of some sunshine coming through. Where the sun gets out, it has potential to become very warm or hot towards the end of next week, with temperatures climbing into the high 20s Celsius. Current indications are that the high pressure could be with us for a while, often centred over the south of Britain. Scotland, especially the north and west of Scotland, will be more prone to cloudier weather, but for the rest of the UK, there is a significant chance of a spell of dry and increasingly sunny weather.

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