May sunshine this weekend but showers from the west

Issued: 18th May 2022 17:15

May sunshine this weekend but showers from the west

This week we’ve seen very warm air and sunshine, some heavy rain and even thunderstorms but what about the weekend?

Friday evening looks showery in the north and west, but drier for the southeast. There will be a fresher feel for Friday night with a moderate west wind, light for SW Britain by early Saturday. No longer the warm, humid southerly feed which lifted temperatures past 27C in London on Tuesday. So nighttime temperatures will fall into single figures. The showers fade during Friday night.


There will still be a lot of fair, dry weather with warm sunshine. Birmingham up to 19C and Brighton 16C.  However western Britain and Northern Ireland will see a more cloud and a scattering of showers in the westerly flow. Some of these will be heavy NW Scotland and the Western Isles will stay more unsettled with passing showers and only brief bright spells.

Temperatures will generally be in the mid to high teens with more sheltered eastern areas seeing 19 to 21C. The sunshine is strong now so take care in the sun if outside this weekend in the middle of the day or for any length of time. The cooler breeze could be deceiving.

The tree pollen levels are still high but grass and weed pollen is low. Sea Surface Temperatures SSTs are still on the chilly side for the North Sea. Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and the Channel Islands just beginning to turn a corner now if you are off to the seaside. It will be warm in any sheltered sunshine. 


Later on Saturday, there will be more cloud and showery rain for Northern Ireland and western Scotland by the evening but fair elsewhere.


By Sunday high pressure in the south will bring a lot of fair, settled weather. A frontal band will edge into the far NW through the day, again with more cloud and rain here. Again warm in the sunshine, a fine day for many with lighter winds than on Saturday.  Cardiff reaching 17C and Edinburgh 16C.

Spain and France have seen heat this week and that lasts into Saturday. As the UK is caught in a more westerly flow off the Atlantic, we feel that but later on Sunday the Atlantic gives a bit more of a push as the warm, humid air has one last push across the Channel into early Monday. So not cold for England on Sunday night and we’ll see if anything spins up from Europe across the Channel to end the weekend. 

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