Heads up for cold, very windy weather later this week

Issued: 24th November 2021 16:47
Updated: 24th November 2021 16:59

Heads up for cold, very windy weather later this week

 What is coming up later this week? Very strong winds, which could be disruptive on Friday night and Saturday. This is the main concern. Also, some wet and wintry weather as much colder air sinks right down through the UK. Wild cold conditions with icy rain, sleet and snow then frost and a chilly north wind. 

Plenty of isobars on the pressure charts later this week with a cutting north wind. 

On Tuesday the Met Office issued two watch style yellow warnings for Strong Winds. This will be of concern for people travelling in the north and west later on Friday and anyone making plans for Saturday.

Along with the high winds and strong gusts, there will be moderate frontal rain. However, the low pressure responsible is moving down the UK quite quickly, not lingering so that is good in terms of flooding. This direction is quite unusual. If it was spring tide time it would have the potential to cause major flooding, however it’s not.

Wild conditions around the low pressure for Friday pm and Saturday 27th

It is late November, so a bit of snow shouldn't be that surprising, except that most of this month has been so mild. The air later this week  will be much colder so snow could form but might struggle to settle at low levels. We’re not in deep winter., the ground isn’t cold yet. Forecasting snow for the UK is often tricky and later this week will be no exception.

UK snow ECM

ECM Model for Friday night showing heavy snow and blizzard conditions for northern Scotland over Cairngorms

Northern Scotland could see snow down to low levels, elsewhere it will mostly be on mountains and hills. Those coastal areas that stick out, being exposed in a northerly flow will be more likely to catch wintry flurries.

But the air plunging down through the UK will be properly cold by Saturday and so there is the possibility of seeing snow flurries even temporary deposits further south as small features are pushed southwards. There will also be sleet and hail, that kind of icy rain that should be snow but isn’t and is just grim and spiky. The Pennines and North York Moors should also get a covering.

We have to wait but know that it will feel very cold in that wind.

Snow england Scotland

The ECM model showing the low pressure to the east of England by Saturday morning with the cold north wind, and a wintry mix over parts of Britain. A few snow showers still reaching north Northern Ireland and NW Scotland. Does tend to overdo UK snow.

Low pressure has to move from eastern Greenland tonight, down towards Shetland for Thursday night, deepening all the time. There is uncertainty about this developmental stage and whether the low will then move down over the North Sea or be a bit further west. This will govern if north and western UK get hit by stormy weather.

The current model output shows wild gusts later on Friday for western shores of Britain with strong north to NW winds and then the potential for severe gales along eastern Britain on Saturday.

frostThe wild garden birds had a bit of a shock on Monday morning with that first chill. If you have empty feeders that were cleaned and put away last spring, they will be needed. The Scottish ski resorts will be eagerly awaiting the snowfall although not the gales.

There will be a lull as this main low pulls away from SE Britain early on Sunday with the strong winds easing down and before the next Atlantic front topples in from the west. It looks like it will struggle, so there is more uncertainty about that precipitation, which would hit cold Arctic air but might not make it. That would leave a cold, clear gap with much lighter winds and widespread frost. There will also be ice to watch out for this weekend

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