Video by Jo Farrow
Issued: 25th March 2020 16:16

VIDEO: Fine March sunshine is joined by Arctic chilly winds this weekend

In sheltered sunny spots, it has been warm on Wednesday and on Tuesday up to 19.4C in North Wales. March and April can be like that, tricky to get the right clothing, warm and sunny one moment, nippy and shaded the next. Temperatures could still reach 12 or 13C by Saturday but it will feel chilly in the wind. 

There will be a lot of fine weather coming up with more sunshine and dry conditions but in the wind, it will feel colder. Light winds over the UK will allow more frost by night where there are clear skies. Before a chilly NE Wind sets in which will bring some wintry showers, in the Arctic flow from the north. Rain, sleet, snow and hail but still quite scattered with eastern Britain and northern Scotland looking most prone.

The NASA WorldView image from Weds 25th shows the high over Europe with clear skies, snow still over the Alps. The frontal band over Scandinavia, Scotland, Northern Ireland and away to the SW. This has brought some very wet weather in recent days to the Western Isles. Ongoing persistent, heavy rain for Harris and Skye with high totals as much of the UK stayed dry. 

UV index for the UK

For those in the sunshine, it will be time to think about sunscreen once more, if you are out in the garden or on your one bit of outside exercise per day. The UV values are only at 3 currently. It was warm recording today's video, I had to ditch my jumper.

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The pollen season has started, tree pollen is on the go. This, of course, has its own set of symptoms to add into any ongoing concerns. But hayfever sufferers generally know what to expect, it just maybe that they weren't aware the season had started once more. 

UK pollen index

The high pressure often brings still, settled conditions and as the days go past we can see a deterioration in air quality. Particles get caught up in the slowly descending air without the usual blustery clear out from an Atlantic flow. You may have seen photos of changes in air pollution levels since countries have gone on Lockdown. The air pollution levels can vary greatly week to week, even day to day. On Thursday the forecast from DEFRA is for moderate levels of pollution for western England and parts of Wales. 

air pollution DEFRA air quality forecast UK

That is some of the Netweather charts from the 5-day weather forecast section on the website, found under Weather forecasts/UK forecasts/ UK 5 day using the first column on the left. Hope you are doing okay if at home - working, waiting or self-isolating, caring or homeschooling or having to still go to work in these bizarre times. 


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