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Sunday 18th April 2021


Clear and cold overnight, widespread frost. Bright and hazy sunny spells this morning.

24-hour maximum 14.3c
24-hour minimum –1.0c

Minimum temperature on grass –5.0c
Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 10.4mph WNW

Rainfall total: 0.0mm
Conditions at 09:00 GMT
5 Oktas Altocumulus, Cirrus.

Visibility >10 miles
Temperature: 7.5c
Humidity 63.5%
Wind Direction W force 2

Barometer 1025.8mb Trend falling.


Clear spells overnight leading to another moderate frost. Sunny this morning. Good sunny spells throughout, turning milder than recent days, feeling pleasant in the sun.

Polar Continental
Polar Continental | 15 Minutes Ago

I didn't mention Saharan Africa but since you did, Cairo is bigger than London and gets hardly any rain. 😋

My point was, wet and dry are not absolutes. "Manchester is undoubtedly wet" compared to London but in UK terms? It's not so straightforward. Internationally, the whole of the UK (including London) has a reputation for being wet, most likely due to the nature of the rainfall rather than the actual amount. 

AderynCoch | 21 Minutes Ago

absolutely, and this is where the anomalies come into play.... and this pattern is consistent, ill offer no commentary, ill let you people decide which run is closer to the anomalies.


mushymanrob | 24 Minutes Ago

Sick and tired of this never ending North/North East wind! Worst I can remember for some  years, any sign in the models of it shifting? 

Neilsouth | 31 Minutes Ago

This weeks slow sea ice animation Losses across the Pacific side of the Arctic almost balanced out by a large wind-driven increase east of Svalbard. We can see the first signs of melt in Hudson Bay also & large leads opening along the Siberian side - sign of a very mobile central pack.

BornFromTheVoid | 35 Minutes Ago

Ah, that would explain why the highest daily max, shown on the BBC app, during the next 14-days, is only a measly 12C!🥶😁

And that reminds me: the two most horrendous summers -- temperature-wise -- I can recall, were 1972 and 1993; I don't want to see a repeat of either of them!😱

General Cluster
General Cluster | 44 Minutes Ago

From the community gallery
10th April 2021

A good two inches of snow from big showers around midday

4wd | 4 Days Ago

Dark based cumulus develop over Chasewater, in Norton Canes, West Midlands today as April showers again develop in optimum conditions. 

Deeptricky74 | 6 Days Ago

Ominous skies in the heart of the Black Country today. This taken over the M5 looking North-West. 

Deeptricky74 | 7 Days Ago

Impressive development of springtime April showers today over the West Midlands. 

Deeptricky74 | 7 Days Ago
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