7 Day UK Forecast: 10/3-16/3 Updated: 9/3 22.20

Thursday 10th March
A misty start for some with low cloud and fog possible in Northern England, however for most it will be dry and for southern areas increasingly bright with some spells of sunshine. However in the North cloud will thicken and rain is likely to move into Northern parts of Scotland later in the day. Temperatures 6-7°C in the North but 8°C in the South.

Friday 11th March
Cloudy start for most but some brightness around South western coasts. Rain sitting through Scotland will shift Southweards throughout the day but towards evening it sits across North Wales and North Midlands across to the East. Elsewhere cloud and drizzle likely, possibly wintry showers moving into Scotland, some accumulations of snow likely over higher ground. Temperatures falling quily in the North throughout the day and probably 2-3°c by evening and close to freezing with any falling snow. 5-6°C Likely further South.

Saturday 12th March
Cold with sunny spells and scattered wintry showers for most. In the North of Scotland more persistant feeds of snow showers are likely and significant accumulations of snow maybe expected over high ground with temporary blizzard conditions restricted to upland regions. However snowfall will penetrate to low levels and some accumulation is possible. In Scotland it will be very cold for the time of year with 2°C likely to be the maximum temp for many areas and in some areas temperatures could remain at or below freezing. Further South temperatures generally at 4-5°C.

Sunday 13th March
Good sunny spells for most with less intense shower activity across Scotland but any showers which do arrive are likely to fall as snow even to lower ground. later in the day cloud will thicken across western Scotland as a small area of intense precipitation approaches from the West. It is likely to penetrate into Scotland and possibly Northern England through the overnight period and cause some significant snowfall accumulations down to low levels. A very cold day with temperature 2-3°C in the North 3-4°C further South, however temperatures are likely to remain at or below freezing in some areas of Scotland.

Monday 14th March
An area of precipitation spreads South from Scotand early in the day to lie across central areas by evening. It is likely to fall as snow across Scotland and Northern England with significant accumulations likely even to low levels across Scotland. However as it moves South the air is warmer and low levels may experience sleet though high ground areas are lilely to see significant accumulations associated with this system. The situation however is very uncertain. As the band of sleet and snow slips South a further area of more persistant snow moves into North East Scotland with further acuumulations likely. temperatures very cold again in Scotland and not rising above freezing in some places though generally 0-1°C is likely. 3-4°C likely in the South

Tuesday 15th March
Heavy snow showers across North and East Scotland and temperatures of around 1�C elsewhere sunshine and scattered wintry showers likely. Temperatures very cold everywhere with 2-3&C likely.

Wednesday 16th March
A milder day in the South with maxes of 5-6°C likely in sunny spells. However across Scotland a complicated situation arises as an area of intense precipitation runs into Western Scotland and hits colder air. It is likely to be a transitional event at lower levels with heavy snow followed by heavy rain, across high ground blizzard conditions may be experienced with significant accumulations.

Gary Lloyd Sunday 6th March at 7pm

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