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  • Location: halifax 125m
    6 hours ago, SummerShower said:

    May 1996 was an awful month, however I believe 26c was hit on the 30th.

    I don't think may 2013 hit 25c either.

    2015 also only made 23.8 deg in Kent on the 11th


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    High of 21C here today, plenty other stations near here and in Edinburgh around that temperature 

    I reckon we'll see 20c this month on the 29th (I'll guess a prolonged high pressure toppling away into Continental Europe). I'll guess 25c on 20th April but no 30c until 31st July. I'm going for

    Much like 2020. The May nice and sunny, but summer in the main was a disappointment, apart from the few hot days in June, last day of July hot spell, which continued into the first half of August.

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      Nick F
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