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The consideration to keep in mind is called space junk, we got quite some trash up there in orbit of our planet. It's considered not to be a problem due that the size of the object would burn in our atmosphere. But we of Asgardia want to go to space and we require to keep in mind out of the prospect of security, what do we do about the space junk? And is there a possibility that space junk might be dangerous for Earth and its` population?

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  • Cold waves hitting Europe continue to threaten growers, is there a link to climate change?

    Much of Europe, not just the UK, has experienced unseasonably cold weather since the Easter Weekend. A plunge of cold arctic air brought by northerly winds early last week brought several nights of frost and even snow across large swathes of Europe, followed by another wave of cold arctic air spreads across much of Europe this week. The frosts causing damage to new growth in vineyards and orchardsa0spurred on by a late March heatwave, the vineyards of France werea0particularly badly affected.

    Nick F
    Nick F
    Latest weather updates from Netweather 3

    High pressure rules, but still chilly out the sun & watch out for a few showers

    High pressure in charge for the rest of the week but the airmass will be chilly, so feeling nippy out of the sun. Not entirely dry either, with scattered showers around the next few days, especially in the west. Read the full update here

    Netweather forecasts
    Netweather forecasts
    Latest weather updates from Netweather

    You'll need your coat because it's still cold out of the sun

    More April snow for Monday morning with a widespread frost. If you have outdoor plans this week, the chill in the air remains especially once the sun goes down. Read the full update here

    Netweather forecasts
    Netweather forecasts
    Latest weather updates from Netweather
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