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South East and East Anglia Weather Discussion January 2021 onwards

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31 minutes ago, Daniel* said:

Enjoyed your rain  snow Polaris? 

Indeed, 3.5 weeks late though from your prediction, when you was adamant I’d get snow.  😝

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Hi everyone Been lurking on this site for probably around 12 years. Used to lurk on TWO. Never post but just wanted to share some pics from Folkestone Warren this evening looking out along the wh

Some more photos from a local walk this morning. The freezing fog made everything special...

Lots of Boom Posts starting to appear again in the MOD Thread so things could start to get interesting in the run upto the weekend as the models start showing the period 21-23rd by the 8th Jan runs.

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Totally spiffing day here in East Dene, its been warm enough to sit out in the garden with a brew in the sunshine, after a jolly frosty start. We now have totally clear skies and bright January Sunshine which feels warm on yer face. Take care and Good Health to you all.

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36 minutes ago, SLEETY said:

wierdly we seen more snow in March in the last 10 years,so maybe not the time to write of snow chances yet


Still being mocked in the yorkshire thread I see,very strange why they care what we get here or not

Be sure to raise a toast to the offenders when they're celebrating breaching 25 degrees in July 🍾🍾

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