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Goni currently a CAT 5 equivalent super typhoon, with winds of  >170 mph.
It's on a direct collision course with the capital of the Philippines, Manilla.  There's the potential for this to be a huge disaster.

Official data is here





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So have I misunderstood things, or did tropical storm atsani form directly out of the wake of Goni before it made landfall?


Edit: ah nevermind, looked in more detail and the low that spawned Atsani crossed very close behind Goni

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Rolly /Goni passed over The Philippines  in early November and not a similar region is awaiting STS Ulysses (Vamco). Government agencies are trying to gather data from ROLLYph and should issue a report about how this huge cyclone affected the islands.

Survey by DOST-PAGASA and UPD-ICE aims to assess the damage to buildings due to Super Typhoon Rolly... will greatly help Disaster Risk Reduction and Management initiatives of the country.  Super Typhoon #RollyPh (#Goni) Severe Wind and Flood Damage Assessment


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