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Tuesday 20th October weather observations

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Tuesday 20th October 2020


A cloudy and mild night, rain through the early hours. Rain stopped around dawn. Variable cloud this morning bright and sunny spells.


24-hour maximum 13.7c

24-hour minimum 7.0c

Minimum temperature on grass 9.0c

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 9.7mph SE

Rainfall total: 2.6mm 


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


5 Oktas. Stratocumulus, Stratus fractus.

Visibility >10 Miles

Temperature: 13.7c

Humidity 94.2%

Wind Direction S Force 4

Barometer 997.6mb Trend. falling.




Variable cloud overnight. A good deal of high cloud this morning, a little watery sunshine at times. The afternoon turned overcast.

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A mild day with sunny spells now cloudy with a shower approaching

Max temp 16.3C, now 15.7C, Barometer 994mb steady, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall since midnight 2mm

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A dry, mild and mainly cloudy day with a few sunny intervals breaking through during mid afternoon.

At 1700 g.m.t;

Temp; 13.1c.

Max today; 15.0c.

Min last night; 8.1c

 Grass min; 7.3c

Rainfall from 0800-1700 g.m.t; 0.0 mm

Sunshine today; 0.4 hrs

Mean wind speed; 15 mph S

Highest gust today; 33 mph S at 0605 g.m.t

6 oktas Ci, Ac and Sc

Vis; 65 km.

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