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Hurricane sun and the remains of hurricane Ophelia: 16th October 2017

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  • 2 weeks later...

DSCN3399.thumb.JPG.daf173c45cf1b25d412447874d7e040e.JPGDSCN3411.thumb.JPG.a862d4b25f5d7502a5dcc2bacfb0e3f5.JPG DSCN3420.thumb.JPG.aaf9e0d91f5270863f29cac7afb59e19.JPGDSCN3427.thumb.JPG.7cc0604f408c61ed90801250bde92191.JPGDSCN3431.thumb.JPG.5bf701cad44324daa54b343cc80487ba.JPGDSCN3433.thumb.JPG.b0bd86e343ab3e0ae15a4922313d9f7a.JPG

One of the weirdest things weather wise I've seen in the last 4 or 5 years. Sunset was exceptionally odd with a sort of green undertone just above the horizon.

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I was moving a boat in the Midlands that day incredibly strange light from the Portuguese smoke dragged up over the UK. 

All of a sudden, the skies cleared mid afternoon and the wind picked up big time.

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It was really surreal, the best way I can describe it was like living through a heavily filtered Instagram photo! I remember how mild it was the weekend before as well, it felt really warm in the strong Southerly winds. 

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