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Storms and Convective discussion- 7th August onwards

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7 minutes ago, SenlacJack said:

It's  really quite odd isn't it ?  We've been absolutely sweltering for days, some local stations were reporting temperatures of 35c today. Storms just across The Channel in northern France die out as soon as they try and make the crossing yet further north in the UK it's a storm fest.

I think there’s just too much energy and the storms tend to ‘power up’ too quick. The updraughts need to be established properly for the storm to have life. These are on-off storms from what I see. Literally go from nothing to strobe in a minute. Then they just stop like someone pulled the plug

Guess once we have some decent shortwaves/forcing at play we can enjoy some more organised stuff. Hopefully tomo or Thursday night 😝

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A beautiful altocumulus castellanus sunrise this morning. 

Oo she's a beauty 

My first attempt at storm shots 🤷‍♂️ (Please don't judge 🤣) The cells are impressive tonight! 

Posted Images

Most of the lightning is within the storm clouds, and doesnt register as a strike however pretty.

The energy has passed along the line of storms, including the rain, I was about to shut the roof hatches until I saw the rainfall wasn't really rainfall here. 

There have been two large strikes near here, both times when some plane has come low over heading into Coventry airport.(skyradar)

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Watching those Cells from the Welsh Valleys ,., went out to my back window,. and can Even see the flashes in the SW sky ,. it's that bright still! 
My neighbours are out there watching it too :L 
that's before the meteor shower even starts

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So we have about the only shower in the area just arrived overhead.

Also, looking north, I can see faint 'atmospheric flickers' every few seconds that must be from the storms in the Midlands, about 120 miles away.. That's amazing!

And as I type, we just had a flash and rumble from this shower!

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1 minute ago, Bishop Brennan said:

Yesterday was 10/10 for thunder here, tonight is now at least 9/10 for lightning - hopefully we'll be able to combine the two at the same time in the next couple of days!


Yes this storm is very silent, but the lightning is Fantastic

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10 minutes ago, Midlands Ice Age said:

Yep DWW...

Flashing at the rate of 1 a second.

The last 20 mins in the garden have been incredible,

Thunder not loud though, it all seems to be right up in the cloud tops.

Very odd - keep getting 2 mins of heavy rain then the clouds open out and I can see stars.

5 mins later and its raining again.

The lightning is a real show though.



its crazy. Been in the garden watching amazing lightning like you say. Never seen so much !!

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