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Anyone know the steps needed to connect this unit connects to the Wifi? I've mislaid instructions from last year and fumbling through the buttons without success. Its for connection to the 2.4gHz wifi which Ive now split off from the standard BT Home Hub, so maybe we can get this working at last!

The display unit has 4 buttons on each side - left and right. On the left from top its 4 arrows - up, down, left and right.  On the right side its set, alarm, history, and min/max

Thanks in anticipation.

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aha - stuck at it and managed to get it connected. The app on the other hand isnt appearing to take any info and the windows PC app similarly is lacking operable status also being only large enough page to fill about 0.33 of screen space.

Still looking for instruction manual.

Noticed too that it doesn't appear on the list of hardware on the device hardware section on Wunderground. How can we get this device added?


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