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Storms and convective discussion - 18th June 2020 onwards

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Camera gear ready by the door in case the eastern edge makes it to Hastings. Often gets about 10km off the coast and fizzles out. Thankfully I live more or less on the seafront and we have some sheltered parts on the seafront. 

Screenshot_20200625-214620_Blitzortung Lightning Monitor.jpg

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This was the late evening storm as it passed over Filey. It was nice enough as it come up from Bridlington, but as it approached the coast, a real nice feeder band developed into it and it really ramp

My view of the Bude cell   Edit:excuse the washing

Very impressive lightning display here in Scotland in the early hours. I am just a amateur photographer but I am pleased with what I managed to capture. Here is a selection of all the best ones I got.

Posted Images

I think this build up of cloud behind the main storms could be one to watch out for.

Could see a round 2 of storms developing, but for now it is up to radar watching...


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3 minutes ago, steve86 said:

Can see lightning from portsdown hill.


1 minute ago, Joseph Hudson said:

though there was bright flash just then

Ah if I could get up to Portsdown, I would! Perfect place for storm photography!

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13 minutes ago, sendandreturn said:

I'd rather do Portsdown.

Both ends of the city are good for viewing.


Flashes behind IOW currently it’s very humid 

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7 minutes ago, Luke Best said:

Relocated to Southbourne. 

Forks coming down sporadically over a large distance on the horizon. 

These are NOT being picked up by Blitzortung! 

Excellent, sounds like mid level to me.  They are difficult to pickup on lightning detectors they don't always pick it up.

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