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I posted elsewhere about upgrading my Fine offset station, but have decided for now to stick with it. Part of what's put me off is that the newer versions seem to have all-in-one setups, whereas I want to be able to put the thermometer in a separate place (easy to do with the older version - see below).

Does anyone know where I can get spare parts for the Fine Offset station?

Is there a list of the various names that this station comes under? That'd make it easier to search for parts etc.


Annotation 2020-06-12 095447.png

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Hi there, I've used both 

and HamRadioStore for spares. The Fine Offset Station come under many brands (mine looks exactly like the image you shared and is branded as a Watson), but all the parts that you recognis from your station alreadye (despite the brand differences) work well with mine.

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