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Watson W8686 Clone of HP2550 Fine-Offset

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i thought i might provide some info / update on my new Weather station i have just received today (29th May 2020)

I spent a few days doing a lot of research and had some great advice and links to information from members on another forum.
And certainly was seriously considering the Davis Plus Pro2 but for various reason , Position , Price I stopped that, maybe if i get hooked in the future £1500
So i decided on the Watson W8686 , a clone of the HP 2550 from Fine-offset / Ecowitt
Ordered the Watson W8686 from nevada Thursday 28th May around 10pm

And it arrived today around 2pm (although expectations were set it may take 2-3 days given covid situation).

Wiped down, and cleaned all the box/weather station and took out the weather station today , rather then leave in quarantine for a day or 2 which we are doing

I will be honest first impressions, were not that great as it seemed a bit cheap and plastically with a display screen much smaller than i had expected. BUT that's because i had been looking at £1500 worth of kit on youtube etc, i had watched a youtube video on the HP2550 and for some reason had an impression the screen was larger.

The unit went together very well, once i got a magnify glass out to make sure i got the wind direction vane aligned.
The mounting bracket is inserted into some small plastic lugs, which jaybe a weak point and these were pointed out on the youtube video.
I also added some washers, nylon locking nuts and also used tie-wraps so if the thing does break away its at least tithed to the pole.

Added the batteries to the sensor array, and I immediately got the flashing LED and then pulsing every 16 secs, (the sensor update time 16 seconds to console ) the indoor sensor gives 3 readings on its own display and worked immediately
The console display I thought had battery backup , but it does not.

Powered up the console and immediately started to get a reading from the outside array and then a few minutes later received the indoor sensor. The indoor sensor updates the console every 60 seconds
All worked straight away, I have NOT tested the rain sensor yet, will do that tomorrow.

Entered into the console setup and started entering the parameters I wanted , longitude/latitude had difficulty setting that as every website seemed to quote a - number, but sorted out in the end with help from google.
connected to the wifi straight away, internet time etc , so very easy to set-up.

looking at the manual, i can also add additional sensors , Soil moisture WH51, air quality PM2.5 WH41 & additional Temp/humidity sensors WH31
and shows where on the display those items would appear, However, those extra sensors do not appear to be available in UK and shipping to UK is very expensive at the moment according to Ecowitt. Hopefully, Navada will get some in on their next shipment. I have emailed Ecowitt directly to get an idea of cost and availability.

Really pleased with Weather Station, now its all up and running,
Put the inside sensor in the garden in the shade and the difference in temp was 0.1C between it and the sensor array 4.5 metres up  in the sky.

Wind direction is great and also shows a 10min average pointer and reading.

Not sure what timescale the Hpa weather forecast differeence reads, its seems to be the difference from a maximum and was making sense compared to the MAX for the day , but now its changed , so will have to look into that further, Well it appears to compare the reading with 2hrs previously , still working on it , But that appears to be what it does , shows difference from about 2 hours.

I will have a play over the coming days and see how it all works and then connect the unti to some websites and see how that all goes

I have attached a couple of images, one where it is now on a pole in centre of garden for testing
and then hopefully attached to a 6' 4x4 post about 2m above the conservator, should be rigid and the pole is in parts so i can remove for maintenance

I may put some pins around the rain trap to stop birds sitting on it, or tirewraps / fishing wire , have to look into that tomorrow too.

Some images of where th esensor is at the moment, where I plan to put it and the console display , which was one of the factors in buying as my wife like the easy to red dispoly and colour circles

Anyway , I may post more to this thread as time goes by , hope it may help others thinking of buying a clone HP2550 or getting into Weather stations

I may still end up down the Davis Pro2 Plus route some time in the future, once we see a benefit and i can locate the sensors in more appropriate places 




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Posted (edited)

i have added the unit to ecowitt.net, very very simple to do 


But you need to register an account to see the info, even though set to public, which i did not expect, hoped that just with the URL and ID irt would display

I will have another play today 

Indoor sensor is in the fridge , its very slow to respond been in for 50mins and still going down 

I will test the rain meter

Also put the indoor sensor in various location

Re-site the sensors to hopefully their final position

Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 06.57.18.png

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i have Now fixed the unit in its final (hopefully) position.

cleared all the data and started again on the Web server sites

Also managed to connect it to ecowitt.net & weathercloud 

Ecowitt.net https://tinyurl.com/ydhbdqhv
Weathercloud https://tinyurl.com/yatfdmx7

need to create a free account to view the data on Ecowitt.

The Wunderground site just reports the unit as offline , not sure why 

And WOW met office site, wont let me login , site seems to be down.


the indoor temp gauge is very slow to respond, i have trie dout in fridge and also had the unit in a fridge in the garage about 50m away and it never lost connection, so very good 

I have a BBQ 4x & weber instant thermometer which i'm comparing to



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Today , I setup the barometer correctly with a lot of help from another forum

So my server updates for pressure should now be correct , based on METAR from goodwood airfield & my elivation of 6m based on various websites to get the correct REL prssure

good fun so far m and unit has met all y expectations no limitations so far

now reporting to the following servers , quite easy to setup

I also have the ability to set a custom server to another service , so just looking at those


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Hi I see you have this working on weather underground, I have the same unit and it just reports that’s it’s offline. Just wondering what was wrong with your setup when it was doing the same thing?


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I reported on another forum at 08:44 it was not working, by 11:55 it was online , tried manythings, but

I changed the interval to 5mins and that seemed to let it burst into life after about 20/30 mins

The ID is all capitals

and the Key is case sensitive

Is it working ok to ecowitt.net ?



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