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As we start to approach summer, the wet season in Thailand is currently underway. The wet season in Thailand is usually from late May into October, and during then, spectacular thunderstorms often roam the skies of this tropical country.

There is a webcam in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which is owned by Skyline Webcams and The Continent Hotel. It has a view overlooking the main city center.


View of Bangkok's skyline from The Continent Hotel

I usually watch that camera quite a lot and during the wet season you should be able to see massive cumulonimbus clouds brewing in the distance behind the city center. Thailand is currently 6 hours ahead of us so in the morning here is usually when to expect the huge clouds on the webcam as it would be the afternoon in Thailand.

I even managed to capture some thunderstorms brewing on that webcam:


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Some storms have developed off the coast of S Thailand.

Lots of lightning visible on this cam in Ko Samui and you can see some humongous storm clouds during the afternoon if you rewind it back.


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