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June 2020 CET & EWP forecast contests

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Just to let everyone know, the scores will be a little delayed this month. Probably will be out on Saturday.

EWP Annual Scoring (7 months) _ Updated for June  _ _ _ note: Avg error only compared if 5/7 to 7/7 contests entered. _ _ _ __ ___ ____ _____ lower half of scores for regular participants in

15.7c to the 27th 1.6c above the 61 to 90 average 1.4c above the 81 to 10 average ___________________________ Current high this month 16.5c to the 1st Current low this month 13.0c t

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15.4 degrees, despite some cooler conditions in the first half, expecting a generally warm second half. Chance could go into the high 15s if we draw in more of a continental influence, but I'm not expecting this, high pressure anchored more to the west than during April and May.  Conversely outside chance might drop into the 14s if the ridge is further west and we see a more longer lasting northerly/northwesterly interlude.

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Right so its time to enter my first CET/EWP contest on netweather, so:


EWP: 36

Looking a bit wetter this June but again nothing properly unsettled. Most of it likely to fall in first half, Could get drier for second half. For CET, slightly above average but this upcoming cooler spell could exxagerate making it look quite cool for a bit particularly first half of month. However it recovers by second half as again warmer air could reach Uk later.


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