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Inaccurate forecasts


Hello, I’m hoping for some recommendations of a better weather forecast than the BBC app, which is worse than useless in our area. e.g. last night’s low was a predicted 9°C minimum, and we had just over 4°C. That’s an especially big discrepancy, but an unpredictable 1-4 degrees difference is the norm.  We are on gently sloping west-facing land, so I don’t think it’s down to a micro climate. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Hi @Emerion - have you tried the forecasts on this site. They use UKV data which is amongst the highest resolution in the UK, and unlike some sites are located down to postcode level (some use generic locations and lump all forecasts for towns/postcodes in that region to that single place). 


Local hour-by-hour weather forecast for your city, town or postcode over the next 7 days. Also includes pollen count and UV index. Updated four times a day to keep you upto date.

That said of course, no forecast is 100% infallible and when it comes to overnight temperatures, while 4c out sounds a lot, that can be the difference a small change in cloudcover can make sometimes. 

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