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Can anyone recommend a weather course I can do during Covid 19?

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Hi all

I'm furloughed until the end of June and need something to do to keep me occupied. I would like to do a course about the weather, may pay if necessary. What do people recommend?

Best / worst courses also course content is important.

Any help much appreciated!

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Sorry this reply is a month late, but if you are still interested in a meteorology course then this one may be of use to you. Good luck!


Our online Meteorology course has been designed as an introduction to meteorology and is a perfect starting point for those who plan to study the subject to a higher level. The course is also suitable for those who...


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Go to www.futurelearn.com and search on "weather". There are a couple of free courses, one run by the University of Reading, and another by the University of Exeter. Both courses are in conjunction with the Royal Meteorological Society, and one is with the Met Office. 

I did one of them a couple of years ago and found it very interesting and informative.

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