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Arizona Monsoon 2019 - Chase Day 3 (14 August 2019) - SLIGHT Risk - Colorado

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Morning guys,

Overnighted in Burlington, CO after the storm system yesterday bowed out and raced off to the South East. A couple of overnight storms have led to a lovely fresh morning.

Still nothing much showing until the weekend down in Arizona, so we are chasing the SLIGHT Risk and 5% tornado risk in NE Colorado today, hoping for structure and lightning, and outside chance of a landspout tornado.

Targetting Sterling, CO for lunch.

Stay tuned!


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What an amazing day yesterday! We started from Burlington, CO with a famous Maccies brekky and then headed North for lunch in Sterling, CO. After 2 or 3 hours of timelapsing turkey towers going up and down North of Sterling, CO, it became apparent, the cap would beat the storms up there.

A storm popped up near Wray, CO and started turning South and we bolted South to catch it, and as we approached from the West, it became the most Westerly looking supercell, I think I've ever seen. We pushed towards Yuma, CO and came in on the back of it, but the area of rotation was shielded by large hail. We stopped back from the hail shaft, such was the size of the hail, and we stopped to find hail of 3 inches on the road South near Idalia, CO - the scene of the tornado just 2 days earlier.

We blasted South to Burlington, CO and then South again to Cheyenne Wells, CO and were treated to the best classic supercell I have ever seen, and I believe Paul said it was in his top 5. We will all try and upload pictures, but patchy internet at the moment as on the move again!

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Finally got some pictures of my Nikon below. Timelapses out when I've merged the 2500 photos together! ?















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