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How hot will it be? Temperature Competition

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The top official temperature yesterday was - drumroll..... 34c. Recorded in Northholt (London). That makes our winner @shuggee?  Thanks to all who took part, temperatures never made it to the hei

I'll go with the BBC.-8 and Snow..

Good grief, with a change of wind direction from onshore to off, Lossiemouth has apparently seen a rise of 10 degrees in an hour to 27°C, with 7 degree increase in 20 minutes.

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34.4 Richmond, Greater London Saturdayplease.

Got an idea @Paul The problem is that there is so many entries there isn't hardly anything unique left so i have an idea, perhaps the place should also be the tie breaker rather than being entered into a draw, the one who is nearest as the crow flies with their location guess to the actual place. Maybe too late this time but possibly something to consider if these competitions are going to become a regular thing, you couldn't have order of entry for this like in the CET competition as it would render almost any sensible entry pointless for anyone entering at this stage.

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I'm going to guess for my own location as well, though it won't count in the competition.

34.4°C on saturday. Record for Sheffield (not far away) will go from August 1990.

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About half the forecasts mention Heathrow, mostly Friday or Saturday. Other frequent choices are Gravesend (which may not exist as a location any more), Cheltenham, various London area stations not specifically Heathrow, and a scattering in the Thames valley, Wales, Cambs, and Scotland. 

The table of entries has migrated to end of the forecasts. 

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