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How hot will it be? Temperature Competition

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1 hour ago, Quicksilver1989 said:

36.5C Heathrow, Friday 28th June

I'll downgrade to 34.5C Heathrow, Friday 28th June. The hottest air keeps getting delayed over little increments and I think will remain over France before losing its intensity. Decent heatwave but a part of me feels this one just won't be for the history books.

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The top official temperature yesterday was - drumroll..... 34c. Recorded in Northholt (London). That makes our winner @shuggee?  Thanks to all who took part, temperatures never made it to the hei

I'll go with the BBC.-8 and Snow..

Good grief, with a change of wind direction from onshore to off, Lossiemouth has apparently seen a rise of 10 degrees in an hour to 27°C, with 7 degree increase in 20 minutes.

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1 hour ago, Captain Shortwave said:

Going off piste here.

Heathrow 37.5 on Sunday.

just a hunch the heat will hang on a little longer.

otherwise probably 35c in north Wales.

The competition only goes up to the Saturday Matt, so did you want to stick with your 35c guess?

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Modelling has pushed back the core to thurs-sat but improved the conditions (higher pressure, lower humidity, solid 20C uppers).

I shall therefore allow for the temperature to build and go for 37.1C at Cheltenham on Saturday.

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32.8c heathrow on Thursday.

bedford will be 27c.

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