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After two studies reporting a possible link between vaccines and autism, researchers have set out to examine whether much larger studies could replicate the findings of the first studies.

These much larger studies, covering thousands of times more children than the first studies, were much better designed and much more "powered" to detect any differences between vaccines and autism.

The balance of evidence strongly indicate that there is no link between vaccines and autism. In fact, recent research has shown a trend towards a lower autism rate with vaccinations.


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I never was given the MMR vaccine due being to be born in 1963.  I was diagnosed with autism in 2014 at the age of 51 and there are many who have never had the MMR vaccine have been diagnosed with autism.  People who think that there is a connection between vaccines and autism do not understand that you cannot suddenly develop autism as it is a condition you born with that is life-long.

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I was born the same year as Katrine. I nearly died of measles when I was two. None of those illnesses is trivial. They are all potential killers.

Those parents who decide that it is not worth getting their own child innoculated because enough other people will get theirs done to prevent a widespread spate of infection are just plain selfish.


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