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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 01/12/2018 Onwards

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Nice little walk with the hound.

Beautiful looking up towards Peek Tor on Dartmoor this morning ❄❄❄

Guys good luck today -As they say one mans loss is another mans gain - well for once in the UK the south & SW are going to gobble up the Norths snow ? Someone in North Devon / Somerset / Wilt

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Don't think its beat the beast here as we had massive snow drifts and they was fun to see as well as blizzard conditions, but this is a very memorable event and one that will go into my brain diary!

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Whole thing's been a bit of an anti climax here with a few spells of moderate snow giving just a light covering, which has almost all melted now anyway. Not moaning though as it was nice to get something at least. 

Great to see some areas getting an absolute pasting, hope you guys make the most of it! I'm tempted to take a little drive north west to get a taste of the action!

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2 minutes ago, slinky1989 said:

Went for a long walk - a number of roads closed round here but looks beautiful. Driving snow in your face not so pleasant!




Good job I don't need to visit the avian vet in Swindon today looking at the state of that road, was at Swindon twice last week due to my very sick budgie, he's a lot better now though thank god. 

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Hey guys n gals quick question. So my snow depth is 7.25” so far can anyone tell me what the water equivalent would be today? My rain gauge is manual and is swamped so any help of approx amount for my records in mm appreciated. ?

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3 minutes ago, mbrothers said:

That looks like it came from the old ceefax pages 

Your right! It’s zoomed in on rain alarm

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