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Summer Sun

Thursday 29th November weather observations

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Dry mild start to the day

Temp 8.9C, low 8.1C, Barometer 995mb falling, Wind F2, SSE, Rainfall nil

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Thursday 29th November 2018


A mild, windy and cloudy night.A short spell of moderate before dawn. At observation, overcast, windy, light rain and drizzle.


Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday 13.9C.

Minimum temperature overnight 8.3c

24-hour maximum 13.9∞C

24-hour minimum 8.3C

Minimum temperature on grass 6.2c.

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 32.8 mph SSW

Rainfall total: 3.2mm


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


8 Oktas Nimbostratus.

Visibility 10 miles

Temperature: 13.0∞C

Humidity: 95.3%

Dew point 12.3∞C

Wind Direction: S Force 5

Barometer 988.0mb: Trend falling.




Rain cleared away for a time last evening, though staying cloudy. Further light rain through the early hours accompanied by a rising temperature. Windy. This morning, overcast, damp underfoot, drizzle. Very dull for the most part, intermittent light to moderate rain, windy. Very mild.

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The mildest day for two weeks yesterday with a high of 14.2 C. Cloud, breezy and dry at the moment after some rain earlier. A low of 8.8 C and 1.6 mm of rain since midnight, 2.6 mm yesterday.

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A mild and mainly cloudy night although there were some cloud breaks around and shortly after midnight. Light-moderate rain spread from the south west during the early hours and has continued since then.

At 0900

Temp; 11.c

24 hr max; 11.6c

24 hr min; 6.6c

Grass min; 2.6c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900; 6.0 mm

Mean wind speed; 32 mph S

8 oktas Ns and St

Vis; 9 km

Intermittent moderate rain

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A brief spell of very windy weather around lunch time followed by a breezy afternoon. A mild day with some spells of heavy rain. Now Showery and turning cooler

Max temp 12.6C, now 8.1C, Barometer 993mb rising, Wind F3 SSW, Max gust 59mph, rainfall 6.2mm



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Mild and cloudy with light rain at times this morning, drier in the afternoon with brief brighter interludes. Breezy Maximum 13.7, minimum 11.9. Wind moderate SW.

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A cloudy morning with light-moderate drizzle and rain. A short spell of heavy rain just before midday followed by a clearance this afternoon with a few sunny intervals. Further showers moved in from the south west by early evening.

At 1800

Temp; 7.4c

Max today; 11.4c

Min last night; 6.6c

Grass min; 2.6c

Rainfall from 0900-1800; 4.1 mm

Sunshine today; 0.59 hrs

Mean wind speed; 18 mph SW

Highest gust today; 56 mph S/SW at 1154

8 oktas Ns

Vis; 5 km

Heavy rain shower

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