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Jo Farrow

New support for winter driving. Police Scotland weather warning categories

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New traffic warnings for winter weather in Scotland. High risk of disruption, High winds - travel with caution - vulnerable vehicles.
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I'm really amazed that there isn't more attention towards tyre compounds. Most standard tyres we get in the UK are just as at home in Spain, or the middle East, whereas in the UK like mother countries we often experience temperatures below that which these tyres are designed to function. 7deg.C is where standard "summer" tyres become 10% less efficient and progressively get worse as the temperature drops. That applies to almost every vehicle on the road, unless it's fitted with either all weather or cold weather tyres. So that's why trucks often get stuck, BMW drivers can't make it onto the filling station forecourt and so on.

If the tyre compound was changed then two things would happen.

1. people would get about in cold weather more safely - with or without snow

2. prices of the tyres would drop as they became more popular

As a minimum, for me the standard should be "all weather" as normal tyres...because that's what we experience in this country!




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