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18 minutes ago, cheeky_monkey said:

Nobody has done more to sink the claim that climate change is endangering polar bears than zoologist Susan Crockford — and she may have paid for it with her job.

Seems polar bears seem to be doing ok in a warming climate..but that didn't sit well with some?

Other than the fact that she has close associations with the biggest climate change denial groups, you could always try read about these things from reputable sources? A partisan paper, with headlines like "When the young are brainwashed by the climate hoax" and that requests comments from climate change deniers like Marc Morano is only ever interested in misinforming you.

But the funny thing is, she's never published a single paper on polar bears. Instead she she speaks at climate change denier events, writes articles for them and blogs a bit. She's not a polar bear expert, and she's not a polar bear researcher.

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Am a bit of a loss with this debate. Firstly, because I don't get the name-calling and mudslinging, how does that help? But secondly and more importantly, I just can't understand how much more ev

The IPBES Global Assessment on biodiversity was released yesterday at https://www.ipbes.net/ and makes grim reading. It lists climate change as an increasing factor in the state of life on our planet.

It's amazing really how you continue to miss the point, I don't think anyone is saying climate change isn't caused by humans in some way, but it's not the sole cause, there are other factor at play, s

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Something you may not associate with regarding Climate Change     but it looks like this Nuke Tomb is starting to Crack    something to look forward to 


The Runit Dome holds the radioactive waste produced by the nuclear bombs detonated on the Marshall Islands between 1946 and 1958.


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And, only 10-years' back, what is now the sceptics' model-of-choice was being pilloried by those very same 'sceptics'...


Hackers stole 6,000 emails and other documents from a climate research centre almost 10 years ago.

From zero to hero, in the blink of an eye!:clapping:


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3 minutes ago, Snowyowl9 said:

The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud.

we are told about a United Nations climate report that environmentalists undoubtedly don’t want anybody to read. It states in plain English “that even if every country abides by the grand promises they made last year in Paris to reduce greenhouse gases, the planet would still be doomed…”



Since day 1 the 'Nations of the world' have engaged in a 'Fur Coat and no Knickers' approach to it all!

Grand promises and pledges yet CO2 levels moved up to record high yearly levels and kept above the IPCC 'worse case scenario' trend line (8.5c?)

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