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Super Typhoon Trami

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Looking not so good for the Japanese Islands

The southern Ryukyu Islands will feel the first impacts from Trami as early as Friday afternoon as winds increase and showers cross the islands.

The worst impacts will be from late Friday night into Saturday night across the southern Ryukyu Islands as Trami passes near or just east of Miyako.

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Trami will threaten lives and property as it slams the Ryukyu Islands and barrels into mainland Japan with destructive winds, flooding rain and an inundating storm surge through Monday.

The powerful typhoon is currently equal to a Category 3 major hurricane in the Atlantic or East Pacific oceans and expected to hold that intensity through the weekend.

Residents should be making the necessary precautions to protect themselves and property against the dangerous typhoon. Those living in coastal communities and in flood-prone areas should pay attention to local authorities and heed evacuation orders.

"Time is running out for preparations in the Ryukyu Islands," 

At this time, all locations in Japan are at risk for impacts from Trami in the coming days.

"Trami remains on track to blast the Ryukyu Islands through Sunday morning, with mainland Japan bracing for the blow Sunday into Monday,"


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Any idea on it's expected intensity over Osaka? My partner is on holiday there. Any links for tracking this thing e.g. sat/doppler would be greatly appreciated.

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